Baby Stuff: Review – – Apikali Swipes: Reusable Wipes

Product: Swipes Reusable Baby Wipes (Complete Kit)


Wipes in the bucket.

Fresh & Laundry Oils

Fresh & Laundry Oils

Brand: Apikali

Bought from: Online at

Paid: $59.00 AUD incl. postage

Contents: Two buckets (fresh & dirty), a stack of 20 bamboo flannels, a wet bag with two sections, two oils (tea tree oil for dirty bucket and mandarin, tea tree & lemon tea tree oil for fresh bucket), a mesh bag for laundry.

How I use it: We have the buckets set up on a small stand next to the change table. The fresh bucket contains water and the wipes. The laundry (dirty) bucket contains water plus a few drops of the laundry oil. Both buckets sit on their lids. I use the wipes by squeezing a little of the water out of them before using as I would any baby wipe during a nappy change. I never use them on W’s face or hands though. After use I pop them into the laundry bucket. Every day (or every second day), I take the laundry bucket and the laundry bag and after putting the laundry bag over the top of the laundry bucket I tip the dirty wipes into the bag (in the laundry sink as water comes out!) and then zip the laundry bag closed and pop them in the washing machine with my cloth nappies. This goes through a cold rinse then a hot (60 degrees C) wash. Once washed I put the wipes into the fresh bucket (without drying them) and refresh the water. Any clean wipes still in the fresh bucket are moved to the top of the pile.

The buckets are pretty big and we needed to put in a stand for them as they didn't fit on our change table.

The buckets are pretty big and we needed to put in a stand for them as they didn’t fit on our change table.

How this differs from instructions: The instructions recommend keeping the lids on the buckets once children are old enough to get into trouble with the water. This would make them tricky to use (given you’re often operating one handed when changing a nappy). At this stage we’re keeping lids off as W is only 7 weeks old and doesn’t get near them. The instructions also suggest putting the laundry bag into the laundry bucket so come laundry time you only need to zip the bag closed. Unfortunately, the bag is in no way designed to sit within the bucket. This means that if used as suggested the wipes sit up above the water line and the water wicks up the mesh of the bag and drips over where the bag sticks out of the bucket (hence the towels under our buckets). We have since stopped using the bag in this way. Given our nappies are getting washed on hot, I have ignored the Swipes advice to wash on warm. This is to avoid doing an extra wipes load or washing the pooey wipes with his clothes. From my Googling, this may shorten the life of the wipes as bamboo doesn’t love hot washing, but it hasn’t effected their size or texture.

Pros: Environmentally friendly, doesn’t involve putting poo in the bin, easy to use, no chemicals on baby’s bum, fresh smell, easy to wash.

Cons: Laundry bag not designed for the bucket (could be so good!), dripping water issues, large buckets (needed to get own stand for them), will be tricky to use once need to put lids on.


The laundry bag isn’t designed to fit into a bucket.

If I had my time again: I might shop around for different reusable wipes, but not aware of any others that come with a ‘system’ like these.

Overall rating: Recommend with some reservations.


After a wash in with a red towel the velcro looks a bit scungey.

Other pearls:

  • Apilkali do sell laundry and fresh oils separately but they are listed under ‘Laundry’ not ‘Swipes’.
  • The fresh oil is not recommended for babies under 6 weeks old.
  • Washing the wipes on their own in the laundry bag causes our front loading machine to unbalance and stop.

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