Baby Stuff: Review – – Bummi’s Newborn Pack (Cloth Nappies)

Product: Bummi’s Newborn Pack

Brand: Bummi’s Cloth Diapering

Bought from: Little Eco Nest & Cloth My Bot

Paid: $68.90 + $9.95 shipping (Little Eco Nest) and $68.90 + $7.95 shipping (Cloth My Bot)

Contents: Each kit contains 12 organic cotton prefold nappies, 2 PUL (polyurethane laminate) covers.

How I use it: We bought two packs (total 24 nappies) and this was enough to handle the frequent changes but required washing every day. We used these nappies when W first came home weighing 2898g (6lbs 6oz). We used them full time while at home and used disposables whenever out and about. We initially used the ‘fan fold‘ but then moved to the ‘bikini twist‘ as he got a little bigger. We always used Snappis to secure the prefold underneath the PUL cover. We stopped using these at about 4kg due to them not being able to manage the volume of his wee and we had a few leaking issues as a consequence.

Laundry was straightforward. We put all dirty nappies straight into our Ubbi nappy bin which we use with cloth bags and then emptied the bag into the washing machine and washed them – yes – poo and all. This is something I didn’t believe would work but it was just fine. I’ll do a post about laundering cloth nappies later on and link it back to this for more information. We dried nappies either on the line or in the dryer.

Now, W is still getting plenty of use out of them as we use them during changes to catch the occasional mid-change wee or poo and also as boosters in his Itti Bitti’s before his night nappies arrived.

How this differs from instructions: The instructions don’t call for Snappis and we never really tried the nappy without them. They gave me a sense of security in those early days of adjusting to managing newborn poop.

Pros: Easy to use (once we got the hang of it). Easy to wash. Surprisingly good at keeping newborn poo under control. Eco-friendly.

Cons: Tricky to use (until you get the hang of it). Some issues with hurting W’s boy-bits if line dried (and hence very crunchy). We had two rather distressing incidents of him screaming due to get ‘pinched’ by the bikini twist. Couldn’t handle wee volume even when still fit him physically.

If I had my time again: I would have ordered my small Itti Bitti D’Lish Snap-In-Ones earlier as we persevered with the Bummis Prefold longer than they really could handle while we waited for the delivery.


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