Baby Stuff: Review – – Ubbi Diaper Pail

Product: Ubbi Diaper Pail in white

Brand: Ubbi

Bought from: Babyography

Paid: $71.95 + 19.99 shipping

Contents: One powder-coated steel nappy bin. Liner bags are purchased separately. This can be used with disposable or cloth nappies. Both disposable and cloth liner bags are available.

How I use it: We use this with the cloth liner bags made by Ubbi. The liner bags are put through a ring and then the lids secures them in place. The instructions are not entirely clear and I expected the bag to fit more specifically that it does, but it works well. The lid needs to be pushed down slightly to open and there is a locking mechanism for when W is older to prevent curious hands exploring the bin contents. The bags are easy to remove and I simply tip the contents directly into the washing machine by pushing the bag inside out. The nappies and cloth bag all go through the wash together. More on laundering cloth nappies later.


Without the liner bag in.


The liner bag sits inside the ring with the edges tucked over. This isn’t particularly neat or tidy but becomes secure once the lid is closed.


You need to apply a little downward pressure before opening the lid. There is also a locking mechanism to prevent curious hands getting into the bin. The hole is a little small for pushing a whole cloth nappy through.

I always make sure to put a new bag in the bin as soon as I take one out, as there’s nothing worse than putting a heavily soiled nappy through the hole in the lid just as you realise there is no liner bag in there!

How this differs from instructions: The only thing I’ve done differently is putting the cloth liner bags in with the nappies on a hot wash. This is caused issues with the drawstring (see below).

Pros: Have had no issues with odour in the nursery, easy to use, looks nice, lockable lid, easy to clean/wipe down.

Cons: Hole for nappies is slightly small for putting cloth nappies through so occasionally get poop on the edges or need to push whole hand through the opening. Liner bags not supposed to be washed on hot (I like to wash nappies on hot) so the inside the drawstring section has gone a bit ‘sticky’ as a consequence and the drawstring won’t pull through easily. This means I don’t use the drawstring, but it’s not a big issue as I wash each day when the bag is only about half full.

If I had my time again: I’d still buy this bin. I’ve been essentially happy with it. I didn’t find any other nappy bins specifically able to handle cloth nappies.

Overall rating: Recommended.

Other pearls:

  • Avoid hot washing the bag if you want to use the drawstring, but if you’re not fussed the bag still seems to work well despite hot washing (after 2 months… not sure how it will go longevity wise!).
  • Always put a fresh liner bag in after removing the old one. You can’t tell if there is a liner bag inside once the lid is closed and I imagine cleaning poop out of the bin itself would be pretty awful.

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