Baby Stuff: Review – – CJs BUTTer Sticks

Product: CJs BUTTer Stick (Blueberry Crumble)

Brand: CJs Butter

Bought from: Gift!

Paid: Nada

Contents: 56g stick of CJs BUTTer in Blueberry Crumble ‘flavour’

How I use it: This was a gift from a friend who was very keen to help me get started with my cloth nappy aspirations. It is a non-toxic moisturising goodness that is excellent for preventing nappy rash on little bottoms and, unlike most nappy rash creams, it is completely safe to use with cloth nappies. No liners required!

I initially used this by scraping some off the end of the stick with my finger and then applying it to said little bottom. This appealed to my sense of hygiene (never went back to the stick with a bottom-exposed finger) but resulted in (a) greasy fingers and (b) crumbly bits on the bottom. The ‘butter’ goes a bit grainy if it gets warm then cool again – a frequent side effect during transport according to the CJs website – and so using this method was getting the grainy goop on bub. Not an issue per se, but not aesthetically pleasing.

So I now use it as a stick. Think giant lip balm for bottoms. This keeps my hands grease-less, the little bottom free from grainy bits and seeing as I’m only ever wiping his bottom with it and not using it as an actual giant lip balm, the hygiene thing was pretty much pointless anyway. And I’m only ever putting it on a clean and freshly wiped bottom, so it’s not like I’m smearing poop all over the place!

Pros: Smells delicious, keeps W’s bottom in perfect nick, safe on cloth nappies, so non-toxic that CJs claim you could eat it (though they stress this is not recommended)

Cons: Grainy bits.

If I had my time again: I’d ask my friend for a second stick of Blueberry Crumble – they’re out of stock so I’ve ordered a few other ‘flavours’ to try. Will let you know how I go.

Overall rating: Raving about it!


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