Knitting Baby Stuff: Vintage Duffle


Rockin’ the green duffle with ugg booties by Grandmama.

Pattern: Vintage Duffle

Source: The fifth little Sublime hand knit book

Price: Can’t remember – have had this book forever. You can buy it here for $35.00.

Yarn: Sublime baby cashmere merino silk DK

This is a reasonably simple knit in terms of the stitch (all stocking and garter) but does end up in a strange mess as the front panels are knit on a different gauge needle but are attached at the base. This results in rather messy odd looking piece in the later stages of the project. Persevere though as the resulting coat is just adorable!

I made a green one for W while I was pregnant and have just finished up a grey one for next winter in a larger size. Already looking forward to getting him into it with something like corduroy pants and leather boots!


  • Be prepared end up with a rather odd looking piece prior to sewing up
  • Don’t forget to count the buttons on the sleeves when you are buying… after buying 8 beautiful timber toggle buttons for the grey coat that were too big for the holes, I returned to buy 8 smaller toggles…and then again when I realised I needed two more for the sleeves. The lady at the Button Bar knows me pretty well now.

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