Crochet: The Country Women’s Association & An Owl Hat

So on Thursday evening I did something I never thought I would do. Indeed, it had never even crossed my mind that I would not do it, that’s how much I thought I would never do it. I joined the CWA. Yep, you heard me, the Country Women’s Association.

But before you envisage me in a hall full of purple-haired nannas in tartan box-pleat skirts munching on some egg and lettuce sandwiches and cup of luke-warm milky tea… let me set the record straight.

I have joined a bunch of young mums who have recently revived a local CWA branch as a way of getting out of the house (and away from the kids) once a month and organising social events and learning new skills. So, along I went to the pub on a Thursday, my knitting tucked under my arm.

Five of us (unfortunately, the 21 people who had RSVPed for the planned cheese & wine night—cancelled due to the cheese lady getting the flu—didn’t feel so enthused by a pub meal) met up for a rather good dinner, a glass of wine (thank you Feed Safe) and a natter over some knitting. And, for a CWA meeting, I had a spectacularly nice time!

The only official business of the night was deciding what we’ll enter in the crafty competitions the CWA are running. Competitions are not what our branch is really about. We’re more wine and cheese types, but the call for a “crochet novelty item” has me submitting this little number.IMG_3699

Unfortunately, I made this with left over cotton (from some delicious blankets I made… will have to post about them sometime!) which has very little stretch. Resulting in a fairly unforgiving fit when W was born with a massive head! Even if it had been the right size, the lack of stretch means it sits rather than fits on one’s head. A mistake I would not repeat. Next version will be in wool.

Pattern: Newborn Owl Hat (by Sarah from

Yarn: Morris & Sons Avalon 10ply cotton (gorgeous yarn… not recommended for this project)

Also on the list of items for entry – a crochet coat hanger! Can I bring myself to do it? Inspiration here. We’ll see.


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