Baby Stuff: Review – – Itti Bitti D’Lish All-in-One Nappies

Product: Itti Bitti D’Lish Sized All-in-One (AIO) Nappies

Brand: Itti Bitti

Bought from: Itti Bitti Online & borrowed from a friend

Paid: Bought a ‘Get Into Cloth’ pack for about $80 which included one small AIO. These packs change in their contents, price and availability. Check here for the latest. A single AIO goes for $26.95. Better value if you buy a stack of them.

Contents: An AIO nappy is exactly that. All in one! The shell is padded with an absorbent layer and then a microfleece liner is sewn in. This lifts up as a flap to improve drying times and also had snaps for the insertion of a Itti Mini Booster (available in bamboo or microfleece) if you need a bit of extra oomph.

Itti Bitti-12

As easy as a disposable – – no assembly required!

Itti Bitti-13

The microfleece stay-dry piece is sewn in but separate for quicker drying times.

Itti Bitti-14

Laundry instructions are printed on each nappy.

How I use it: As per Itti Bitti’s recommendations, I prewash the nappies 5 times to get them up to a good level of absorbency. Not sure why they aren’t sold pre-washed, but I have it on good authority from a fellow Itti user that failure to prewash leads to leaky nappies.

As I have had issues, especially as W has gotten bigger, with wee leaks in the AIOs, I snap in a minibooster prior to use. The nappy goes on like any disposable with snaps to close.

At change time, I unsnap the minibooster (washing with pieces snapped together can cause the snaps to pull out of the fabric over time – not something I’ve had happen, but a friend has) and the whole lot goes in the nappy bin.

See my review of Snap-in-One (SIO) nappies for details on how I wash the nappies. The issue with AIOs is that I can’t separate out the polyurethane laminate (PUL) part of the nappy and given I am fond of a hot wash, this means my AIOs are destined to not live as long as the SIOs.

AIOs do take considerably longer to dry than SIOs, which in winter is a bit of a pain and could potentially lead to more use of the clothes dryer (not a problem for me as the vast majority of my stash are SIOs, so if I can get the SIOs dry without the dryer I don’t run out of nappies and the AIOs can just stay on the line).

Pros: Eco friendly, kind on sensitive baby bottoms, easy to use, look super cute, no snapping in required (unless you have a heavy wetter, then a booster may be needed).

Cons:  Sized nappies means buying more as bub grows (compared to Bitti Tuttos which grow with baby), expensive upfront (even more than SIOs as can’t bulk out nappy stash with extra soaker sets), whole nappy needs to go in wash at each change (c.f. SIOs which can reuse the shell and just have the soaker set changed), PUL shouldn’t be hot washed either need to tolerate cold/warm washed nappies (I’ve found this leads to problems with ammonia smell from my heavy wetting baby) or resign self to the fact that the life of the nappy may be shortened by frequent hot washing.

If I had my time again: I wouldn’t buy any AIOs (I only bought one as part of a trial pack and have three or four from a friend) as I much prefer the SIOs.

Overall rating: Not too bad, but not my scene!


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