Knitting: A Foray into Fair Isle

I’ve never done fair isle before. I have been terrified. Probably of discovering that I’m crap at it. I suspected I’d be crap at it. That I’d end up with some puckered and tangled mess. But, it turns out, I can do it! Albeit on a rather small scale at this point. The instructions for this project included the tip of carrying one colour on top and the other underneath and I was very impressed by how neat and tidy my wrong side looked! (Of course, I completely forgot to take a photo of it for you.)

fair isle

As well as being my first foray into fair isle, this is also the first toy I’ve made! Not sure it’s quite up to standard for tolerating the rough play of a 4-month-old (though I did sew the eyes with embroidery thread rather than using beads to keep it choke hazard free), I’m hoping that W will eventually have fun with his new mate, Lars. Might need to wait until he’s past the whole everything-must-go-in-my-mouth phase. Suspect Lars’s stuffing may get fairly feral if sucked on.

I blocked rather than steamed the clothing pieces as I made them and my snowballs required a bit of trial and error to get a good shape, but otherwise this was a well written pattern and I’m pretty chuffed with my results.

Pattern: Winter Mice (Lars)

Source: Mary Jane’s Tea Room (via Etsy)

Price: $5.52 (to be quite precise)

Yarn: I used Sublime Baby Cashmere Merino Silk DK in Waterlily (005), Nutkin (275), Skipper (276) and Teddy Red (192) and scraps of some hideous pale pink nylon crap I had in my stash.

Needle: 2.75mm & 3mm straight needles

Now to make Lars a friend…

Knitting: CWA Stash Scraps

I’ve been knitting up some little bits to sell at our upcoming CWA fundraiser. I’ve rummaged through my stash and discovered I’m particularly bad at keeping the ball bands so I have a stack of weird scraps – mostly bought during my trial and error period for my wedding bouquet – that I have no idea what they are made from.

wedding bouquet

Crochet wedding bouquet I made for myself in 2013. Follow the link in the text for more information on the pattern and yarn.

I’ve knitted up some cheap presumably nylon acrylic blend into this stripy hat (Did you know there’s no ‘e’ in stripy? I didn’t.) and another incarnation of my favourite puerperium cardigan.

stripy hat

‘Hat’ from vintage Patons pattern and ‘Vintage Racing Helmet’ from a modern Sublime pattern.

Pattern: Hat (they got wildly creative with pattern names in the 70s)

Source: Page 5 of Patons Book 518 Baby Yarn 3 & 4ply – I got a copy from my mum but you can find it online here.

Yarn: 4ply acrylic (?) stash scraps

Needles: 2.75mm & 3.25mm. I knit on circulars as I didn’t have small enough straight needles, but the pattern is not knit in the round.

This was a nice easy knit and is actually a very cute little hat. The main challenge is sewing up and getting the stripes to line up with each other. I make up my knitting using mattress stitch and if not done perfectly it can end up off set a little which with stripes looks rubbish.


In searching through my stash, I also discovered things I knitted and never gifted – like these booties – so have tarted them up with some ribbons and labels and they look fresh as a daisy.

CWA Knits

Pattern: Two-tone ‘Bovva’ Booties

Source: The second little Sublime hand knit book

Price: I bought this book so long ago… I have no idea. It’s $35 here.

Yarn: Sublime Baby Cashmere Merino Slik DK

I did these ages ago and they are far from perfect. The thing that got me with the Sublime bootie patterns is that I found it hard to work out the front and back of the foot when it came to sewing in the sole. I think I actually managed to do one the opposite way to the other in this particular pair – – which may be why they are still in my stash. Hopefully, someone likes them enough to exchange them for a donation to the Balhannah Centre.