Quiet Please. Knitting in Progress.

In a flurry of creative energy, I have somehow broken my ‘one project at a time’ rule several times over and am working on at least three projects simultaneously. That’s ignoring the unfinished friend for Lars and the still sleeveless newborn cardigan which are stuffed somewhere at the bottom of my ‘current projects’ box.

Having completed none of them, I thought I’d instead give an update on my current works in progress.


Random scrappy yarn stash, I will defeat thee.

Bits & Bobs Chevron Blanket

Inspired by my ball winding festival over the holidays, I am revisiting my nemesis knit using all the scraps in my yarn stash. It’s currently a rather odd, slightly scratchy looking thing, but I’m hopefully that with time it will grow to become a lovely cosy piece of home. The main challenge here is that my yarn stash is not all one gauge, or material, or texture. So far this hasn’t caused any great issues tension wise, but I may need to avoid using my super chunky scraps.

I’m such a sucker for the excitement of starting something new when it comes to knitting. Hence, three projects on the go. This yarn stash knit provides that newness over and over. I find myself looking forward to the end of the ball so I can chose a new yarn for the next section and get that new knit feeling all over again. I’ve no idea what drives this, but it keeps me knitting!

Dressing Gown

Suspecting it might take me a while to get to the end, I chose a size with plenty of leeway for my next project for W. I’m knitting up this beautiful Debbie Bliss dressing gown in a 24 month old size. It looks like it might fit him at some stage before he starts kindergarten. It’s huge! A simple knit with a slightly confusing pattern at times, I love the repetition and ease of a large stocking stitch project now and again. I am watching Law & Order episodes as the rows stack up and loving it.


Rows and rows of stocking stitch are good for the soul.

I think I’ve spent so much of my knitting life knitting from Sublime patterns, that some of Debbie’s lingo initially confused me.

For example:

“Cont in st st, dec one st as set at each end of 4(5:6:6) foll 6th rows”

To me this was initially baffling. Six following sixth rows? What on earth does that mean?

Now reading it again, it seems reasonably obvious, but I think I would have expected it to say:

“Cont in st st for 24(30:36:36) rows, dec one st as set at each end of every 6th row”

I was also slightly perplexed by an instruction to continue on stitches of left front “until collar reaches centre back of neck” with no instructions as to the need to take the panel I was knitting and line it up the previously knitted back piece. Again, this seems slightly obvious now I’m writing it out. I blame baby-related sleep deprivation. A quick question to a fellow Raveler got me sorted out pretty quickly though.

The Loveliest of All Was The Unicorn

When I found out I was pregnant with W, I joined a little group of pregnant ladies all ‘Due In July’ on a forum via the Essential Baby website. To cut a rather long story short, it was simply the best thing I ever did and I now have about 40 fabulous friends from all over Australia with babies the same age as W. We chat (via Facebook these days) every day and share the joys, challenges and occasional outright hideousness of early motherhood. It’s delightful.


One unicorn head.

So, anyway, one such friend was bemoaning the slightly steep price of a particularly gorgeous crocheted unicorn she was coveting on behalf of her daughter.

“Crocheted unicorn?”, said I, “I reckon I might be able to do that!”.

Despite having crocheted nothing more complicated than an owl hat (the success of which was somewhat dubious) previously, I have embarked on a quest to make something a little like this.

So far, I have a head, nose, neck, body, one front leg, one back leg, two ears and a horn. Two more legs, possibly some wings (slightly scared of that part) and some felt eyes to go. So far, so good.


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