Knitting Baby Stuff: Woven Basket & Beautiful Buttons

It’s been a while since I was here. With work madness, home madness and study madness… there has been little time for knitting, let alone writing about it. But having made some big decisions – I quit my PhD (hurrah!) – I feel much more that my life is my own again, and I have finally finished this gorgeous little coat.


W models the Latte Baby Coat.

Originally intended as the ‘boy’ option for a friend who ended up having a girl (and received the Rainbow Dress instead!), this coat has no current home. Unfortunately, it took so long to finish that W has grown and the sun has come out and I think we’ll get little wear out of it before Summer strikes in all its sweaty glory. So this will go into the ‘knits for no one’ pile – which comes in handy for Christmas and birthdays… and future children of my own!


No way it will still fit come next winter. Damn.

Pattern: Latte Baby Coat by Lisa Chemery

Source: Ravelry download

Price: €4.75 (~$7.50AUD)

Yarn: Cascade Ecological Wool in Antique

Needle: 6.0mm circulars (for coat proper) & DPNs (for sleeves), 6.5mm circulars (woven basket on coat) & straight needles or DPNs (woven basket on pockets)

I made the hooded version of the 2-18 month old size with two front pockets and used 185g of the yarn. The woven basket stitch takes a little practise (especially when working the right side) but after knitting up a small swatch using some scrap yarn I got the hang of it fairly easily. However, it is a total nuisance if you drop stitches or slip. I couldn’t for the life of me work out how to pick it up again and ended up frogging the pockets a few times as I was knitting on awful plastic straight needles and slipping became an issue.

This yarn is delicious and squishy and I am very tempted to buy up to make a 3-4 year old size so that I can see in W in it again for more than the few minutes for the photos!


Woven basket stitch and woven leather buttons. So squishy and delicious.

The beautiful buttons, chosen to mirror the woven basket stitch, are leather and from my very favourite Button Bar.

My other big achievement since I last wrote is I have ventured into handspinning! I am the ‘proud owner of a first spinning attempt’ in this lovely account of the day by our good friends at Trees, Bees & Cheese who were kind enough to share their expertise, spinning wheels and delicious soft alpaca fleece. I’m looking forward to getting more of a chance to refine my skills now that I’m PhD-free and bought some gorgeous undyed alpaca fleece on a recent trip to Berrima for when an opportunity next presents itself!

I’ve realised I have spent so much time frantically knitting for new arrivals that W has no current knitting goodness to wear. Coming into Summer, it’s not a big deal, but after his birthday present to me this year was a pile of knitting pattern for toddlers, I’m taking the hint! Now to find something super cute and ideally able to be made from my every growing yarn stash!