Baby Stuff: Review – – Foamy Wipes Wash by Bubblebubs

After a recommendation from a fellow cloth mumma, I decided to try a simpler approach to reusable wipes. My buckets of water system was going to become complicated and potentially dangerous once W started walking, so I’ve moved to a safer and simpler system. Dry wipes and a bottle of Foamy Wipes Wash.

Product: Unscented Foamy Wipes Wash concentrate and 200mL Foamy Bottle

Brand: Bubblebubs

Bought: Online via Bubblebubs website

Paid: Bottle $3.95, concentrate $16.95. Total $29.85 (incl. taxes and shipping).

Contents: One 200mL foamy bottle and one 100mL bottle of Foamy Wipes concentrate. You need to purchase a bottle of distilled water separately. This is available in the laundry aisle at the supermarket near ironing type stuff.


The Foamy Bottle produces a mousse type blob of foamy stuff.

How I Use It: This is pretty simple stuff. 20mL of concentrate into the bottle (I use a tablespoon (15mL) and teaspoon (5mL) to measure this out) then fill the bottle with distilled or demineralised water. When you press the pump on top of the bottle a foamy substance comes out. I use about 2 pumps per wipe and I don’t try to get the solution absorbed into the wipe or anything before using it on W’s bottom. The dirty wipe then goes straight into the nappy bin ready for the laundry. I use the Foamy Wipes Wash with my bamboo wipes from the Apikali Swipes pack, plus some polycotton thin face washers I bought from Baby Bunting. These are available in value packs at most baby stores and also department stores, like Kmart. This are less absorbent than the thicker bamboo ones and therefore stay wetter and wipier. I know ‘wipier’ is not a word, but you get my drift.

If you’re into smelly things (in a nice way), the Foamy Wipes Wash comes in lots of different fragrances. I opted for unfragranced as we’re using a scented CJs BUTTer stick and I didn’t want to overdo it smell wise.


Cheap polycotton wipes seem to work better than thick absorbent ones.

Problems: Nothing specific to mention here, but having recently started W on solids we’re finding that dryer stickier poos (mmmm…. nice) are much harder to wipe away with this system and I must confess we have been resorting to disposable wipes.

Pros: Economical and ecological. Works well for newborn/breastfed babies and for a gentle clean up of an unsoiled bottom.

Cons: Not very good at creating a wet wipe for sticky, dry pooey bits. Ewwww.

Overall rating: For newborn/breastfed, I loved this. Now we’re onto solids, I’m suspecting it may not cut it just due to the lack of wetness on the wipe.

Pearls: A less absorbent wipe is actually better with this system.