Knitting Resources

Here are some of my favourite knitting websites. Enjoy!

Knitting How-To

Knitting Help: great website that I still refer to frequently after decades of knitting. Very easy to follow video demonstrations of everything from basics to advanced techniques. Shows many skills in both English and Continental methods.

Patterns & Inspiration

Ravelry: a social networking site for knitters and crochet fanatics which is free to join and includes loads of useful tools including pattern search (and links to loads of free and paid access patterns), inspiration, hints and tips.

The Purl Bee: beautiful patterns, covetable yarn and nifty how-to pages in the Tutorials section.

Millamia: Stumbled across this in my search for a Christmas stocking pattern. Loads of very funky FREE patterns.

Knitting Fool: I haven’t used this site much yet, but as I venture into the world of writing my own patterns (eeep!) I’m sure I’ll be using this amazing resource. It’s an index of different stitch types with information on the number of stitches per repeat, etc, so you can work it into your pattern easily. Bit of an ugly interface but useful nonetheless.

The Weekly Stitch: Another site that may come in handy down the track. Different stitches with video tutorials on how-to. Another ugly website. Sigh.

Pekapeka Design Studio: Some gorgeous freebies from a New Zealand designer, Kelly Brooker, especially delicious things for newborns.

Buying Supplies

Morris & Sons: Sydney based store with loads of divine yarns

Love Knitting: Based in the UK, this online store has lots of very very beautiful yarn all delivered in gorgeous little bags with ribbons. Makes receiving my yarn just that little bit more special. Nostalgic soft spot for this store, too, as it was the source of the divine Louisa Harding Grace yarn I used to make my wedding bouquets.


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